About Us

The Agile Academy was conceived in 2007, developed in 2008 and launched in 2009 to fulfil the need for structured learning offerings in the Agile space.

When Suncorp decided to go Agile across their entire IT organisation in order to deliver business value faster, cheaper and with lower risk, they realised there was a vacuum in the Agile learning and development area. While there were some technical courses available these were not aligned with each other or integrated in any way. Furthermore the crucial areas of leadership, governance, infrastructure and business were not addressed at all.

Recognising that learning and development was a vital factor in ensuring the successful adoption of Agile within their organisation, Suncorp decided to invest in developing an integrated training curriculum covering the whole spectrum, utilising the best brains and experts in the field. The rollout within Suncorp was started in 2008 and by the end of 2009 over 3000 staff within Suncorp have been trained.

The next step was to extend this knowledge sharing and learning into the external Agile space to enable the wider IT industry to grow additional capabilities and capacity in Agile skills.  What makes us different? Simplicity > Speed > Success.  The Agile Academy offering is unique as it is the only Agile curriculum in the world that is fully integrated and structured to cover not just the software development life cycle but the entire information management landscape including governance and infrastructure. It provides a seamless maturity pathway on the Agile journey of learning catering for all levels of development from novice to expert.

The Agile Academy covers traditional software development roles such as project manager, analyst, architect, developer and tester as well as all related roles such as leaders, managers, business experts and infrastructure specialists. The Academy’s training curriculum addresses core Agile skills and practices through to the all important soft skill set of leadership, interpersonal skills, facilitation skills and team skills necessary to achieve success.

Working in Partnership

The strength and value of the Agile Academy exists through sharing and collaboration across the IT industry. We partner with with a range of organisations who provide training, consultancy and coaching across Agile. Contact us if you would like to discuss becoming a partner with the Agile Academy.

Meet our Partners

Software Education

We are pleased to introduce Software Education as our first partner. Formed in 1990, Software Education is a premium provider of Software Development training throughout Australasia.