Agile is not a specific process that a development team can follow. Agile is a philosophy or new way of thinking about software development and the managerial practices of software development. To be truly "Agile", developers, management and customers need to understand and actively participate in putting Agile values and principles into practice. Discover more About Agile

Public courses

Our accredited training professionals offer a curriculum of leading edge Agile courses to help you achieve your goals. Our curriculum integrates the entire software development lifecycle and management landscape. Courses are held regularly in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Christchurch, Auckland and Wellington.
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Corporate Bookings

As well as providing public courses, the Agile Academy also offers corporate bookings for private courses. This offering allows you to work with us to provide courses from our curriculum, to suit your business needs. Courses would be held in-house at your business premises, by one of our accredited training professionals.
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